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You may purchase any of our Swift or Skein-winder products on this page.

During the purchase you will be transferred to our main Nancy's Knit Knacks' shopping cart which is a secure shopping cart.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

Basic Configuration questions:

  • The basic unit is a 2 Yard Tabletop Swift with single yarn guides (can hold 1 skein at a time)
  • This unit becomes a 2 Yard Skein-winder if you order a skein-winder. We simply add the folloiwng to the swift
    • Electronic Rotation Counter (ERC) with 12 Volt DC Power Supply (100-240 VAC input 50-60 Hz)
    • ERC Tiltable bracket
    • Table top Yarn Guide (which allows horizontal or verticle feeding of yarn to the skein-winder)
    • 1 10' Tape Measure
  • You can add the Floor Stand to any 2 Yard unit either as a substitution to the Table Top unit at the time of Purchase (called the Floor Stand only version) or as an extra item
  • Flexi-skeiners
    • Upgrade kits allow you to change from a Single to either a  double or triple guide system
    • You can substitute Double or Triple Skein guides for the single guides in the basic unit at time of purchase  (called "Add-on's") or you can purchase a complete set of the double or triple guides at any time (called "Complete"). You would do this if you did not want to disassemble the single guides and reassemble tem into double or triple guides by means of the "Upgrade" ppackages.
    • You may also upgrade an existing Single guide system in the field by yourself if you purchase the optional Upgrade kits for double or triple systems.
    • A high capacity single guide is also available. This allows the user to put the maximum amount of yarn on the unit (approx. up to 1 kilogram)
  • Motor Drive - any system, including 2 and 4 yard models, can be motorized. A system can be ordered from the factory with a motor or the user can easily upgrade the system in the field. The ERC is not required to use the motor but if the user has the ERC already installed (the Skein-winder model) then they can connect the ERC and the motor for automatic operation.
  • 4 Yard versions - we offer 4 yard versions of the swift and the skein-winder and they use many of the same components as the 2 yard unit EXCEPT they must be used on  a special floor stand which is included with the 4 yard system. The guides, ERC , motor drives are all the same as used on the 2 yarder.
  • Our swift and skein-winder system is the most comnplete system in the industry and it is backward, forward and sideways compatible!

NOTE: not all configurations or options are listed below. The Shopping Cart includes most of the options but if you do not see what you want, please contact us.


Price (USD)


Please check our on-line store for additional swift items

2 Yard Systems

Swift, 2 Yd Table Top


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Swift, 2 Yd, Floor Mount only

(picture is of 4 yard unit on stand)


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Skein-winder, 2 Yd, Table Top*

picture is of a motorized unit)




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Motorized Skein-winder, 2 Yd, Table Top*


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Motorized Skein-winder, 2 Yd, Floor Mount only*

(picture is of a Table top motorized skein-winder)


The width of the arms are 31" on 2 yarders and 54" on 4 yarders.

4 Yard Systems

Swift, 4 Yd, Floor Mount only


Skein-winder, 4 Yd, Floor Mount only *


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Motorized Skein-winder, 4 Yd, Floor Mount only*

(picture of non-motorized unit)


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Motor Upgrade Kit for Swifts/Skein-winders


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Multi-function Stand for Control Panel

Special Order


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Multi-function Stand for Triple Yarn Guide

Special Order


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Floor Stand, 24" tall for 2 Yd units

(4 yard stand pictured which is 28" tall)

Includes a Single skein yarn guide post. If a triple is needed, order that below.


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4 Yd Upgrade kit for 2 Yd units


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Triple Guide for Table Top use                      $65.00
Triple Post for Floor Stand Use

Flexi-Skeiner Yarn Guides
(see text for description of different styles)

Upgrade, to Four 5" Singles for older units


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Upgrade, to 4 Doubles for older units 3.5" zones


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Upgrade, to 4 Triples for older units 2.25" zones


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Upgrade, to 4 High Capacity 7" Singles for older units

Upgrades are used to convert older systems to new Flexi-skeiner


Complete, Four 5" Singles


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Complete, Four Doubles 3.5" zones


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Complete, Four Triples 2.3" zones


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Complete, Four High Capacity 7" Singles

Completes include all of the parts


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Add-on, Four Doubles 3.5" zones

$54.00 Buy Now

Add-on, Four Triples 2.3" zones

$77.00 Buy Now

Add-on, Four High Capacity 7" singles

Add-ons are used at time of order to reconfigure unit

$44.00 Buy Now
Other items may be listed in the Online Store, or call us for info

Misc Parts for Swift & Skein-winder

Price (USD)


Clear belts (1/4" dia) 2 pk. for 019 high torque motor 20.5" total length for motorized skein-winder/swift


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Brakes for Sled Assy (4 brakes)


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Replacement Motor for Skein-winder (no belts or pulleys included)


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