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Skein-winder Overview


A Skein-winder is used to wind skeins of yarn. It can also be used as a swift. In fact, when used as a swift, the on-board ERC can measure the length of yarn that you have wound off of the skein-winder. If you also have our Heavy Duty Ball Winder and Power Base, you may run a cable from the ERC to the Power Base to shut the Power Base off once the desired qty of yarn has been removed from the Skein-winder.

The normal function of a Skein-winder is to wind yarn and to make a skein. When making a skein of yarn, you normally want to know how much you have measured. That is the reason we have included our Electronic Rotation Counter (ERC) as part of the Skein-winder. To wind yarn into a skein and not know how much yarn you have wound or worse yet, to try to keep track of the number of rotations that you have made, could be a problem or is frustrating.  With our high tech ERC, the user can measure yarn in yards or meters, as well as in the number of rotations.

The ERC system employs our innovative electronic metering circuitry combined with a non-contact magnetic sensor. The system allows the user to manually enter the number of inches or centimeters that each revolution equals. The user can then enter the number of yards/meters/rotations that they want to measure. As the unit is winding on yarn (or winding off when used as a swift), the meter will keep track of the count. When the target qty is reached it will sound a beep alerting the user that the qty has been measured.

If the Motor option is installed on the skein-winder, then the meter will also automatically turn the motor drive off when the qty has been reached. The combination of our ERC and Motor drive system converts the system into an automated platform. Such a system is highly useful for indie dyers or other yarn processors.

The Skein-winder can also be configured to wind 1, 2, or 3 skeins at one time or a single extra large skein on our high capacity Flexi-skeiner guides.

The Skein-winder can be table mounted or floor mounted with our optional floor stand. We also sell a version that can only be floor stand mounted. This version saves the user money if they have no intention of ever mounting the unit on a table.

The basic mechanical construction of the skein-winder and the swift are the same. The skein-winder simply includes more features. They can both hold an ERC and a motor drive.

2 Yard, table mounted Skein-winder with ERC
(includes original style yarn guides)

Skein-winder on floor stand

(original counter is shown mounted on top)

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